Microbiology and physical laboratory

Detect contamination in and microorganisms to ensure product production environment; various product quality testing instruments to ensure high product quality

ISO13485 and CE certificate

Establishment of ISO13485 medical device quality system, FDA 21CFR820 rule and China sterile medical device production guidelines

Professional configuration

With more than 3000 square meters of ISO class 8 clean room and professional generation equipment and technicians

Focusing on medical consumables
Strict standards of production
Create a better life

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About Us

We have a clean room of 120,000 square meters and manufacture strictly according to ISO and CE requirements. The quality system is established in accordance with the requirements of ISO13485 and FDAQMSR (Quality Management System Regulations) as well as the on-site guidelines for sterile medical device manufacturers in China. Currently, overseas sales account for more than 95%. Healthy life, guaranteed by us.

Henan Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
Room 610, SOHO, Building B, Xiangsheng Street, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou city, Henan Province

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