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Why don't doctors wear underwear in the operating theatre? Doctors tell the truth

As we all know, surgery is an extremely serious matter that needs to be treated with the utmost rigour. Prior to a surgical operation, surgeons need to go through a series of complicated dressing, disinfecting and sterilising processes to ensure the safety of the surgical environment.

After the surgery, they also need to change into sterilised clothes and sterilise and disinfect them again to ensure that no possible germs are brought into the operating theatre.

However, in such a highly clean environment, there is a puzzling phenomenon: many surgeons choose not to wear underwear during surgery, a behaviour that is not motivated by personal hobbies, but rather a well-considered and healthy choice.

Firstly, it is important to understand the conditions that may arise during surgery. A large amount of ascites, blood and other bodily fluids may be released from the patient's body, and the surgeon may need to use a large amount of fluids to flush out the wound during the procedure.

The height of the operating table is usually set near the waist, which means that the rinsing fluid, which is entrapped with various body fluids, may run down the scrubs and into the doctor's crotch. If the doctor is wearing underwear, then both the underwear and the scrubs can become soaked with these bodily fluids.

More importantly, if these body fluids contain infectious agents, such as syphilis, AIDS, Hepatitis B, etc., the consequences are unimaginable once they enter the doctor's body through broken skin or mucous membranes.

On the other hand, some surgeries are long, especially those involving vital organs, which can take several hours. For male doctors, if they wear underwear for a long time for surgery, the crotch temperature may be too high.

The scrotum is quite sensitive to temperature, and excessive temperatures may lead to problems with the scrotum's thermoregulatory function, which can lead to a number of health problems, so not wearing pants ensures a certain amount of ventilation, which can help to maintain the normal temperature of the scrotum.

Some people may wonder why they don't choose to wear waterproof surgical gowns. This prevents you from getting 'wet' and prevents infection, and indeed, waterproof gowns are an ideal choice.

However, the price of disposable waterproof surgical gowns is relatively high, which will increase the cost of surgery, and, considering our national conditions, most hospitals still use cotton surgical gowns. Although cotton surgical gowns can be reused after being cleaned and sterilised, the risk of infection cannot be completely avoided.

For surgeons, choosing not to wear underwear during surgery is undoubtedly a wise move, not only for their own health, but also for respecting the healthcare environment and being responsible for patient safety.

Of course, this decision also means more inconvenience and potential health risks for them. Therefore, we should show our respect and gratitude to them.

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