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Introducing an orthopaedic surgical haemostat

Bleeding a lot during surgery? Use the hemostatic device
In orthopaedic limb surgery we can often see a cuff, which can be inflated and deflated like a sphygmomanometer, but the role is very different from the sphygmomanometer, it is mainly used for intraoperative haemostasis. Today, Green Man will introduce this magic weapon to you.

01, the principle of action
Mainly used in limb surgery, the use of hemostat host pumped gas, through the cuff connecting tube delivered to the cuff's airbag to generate continuous air pressure, in the root of the limb to block blood flow, so that the surgical wound bleeding is greatly reduced, but also to make the surgical field is clear, thus shortening the time of the operation.

02、Scope of application
Fracture reduction and internal fixation
Limb cyst mass or cyst excision
Neurotendinous vascular exploration
Arthroscopic surgery, etc.

03. Contraindications
Peripheral vascular disease
Diabetes mellitus with severe hypertension
Septic infections

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