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Henan Medical Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2014, and the factory is located in Changyuan County, which is the "Home of Sanitary Materials”, 600km away from Qingdao port. It takes about 8 hours to the sea port. With the world's newest production equipment. It has its own EO sterilization center and tight control over production and sterilization. Our raw material suppliers have passed the review of Medline and Cardinal, and the incision film is from 3M. We mainly produce and supply disposable non-woven products such as disposable surgical packs, surgical gowns, surgical gowns. Our products have been exported to Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, South America and more than 30 countries worldwide.

Henan Medical Technology Co., Ltd is one of the Chinese leading manufacturers and suppliers of surgical gowns and drapes for hospital operating rooms and clinics. We manufacture a wide range of products to the most stringent standards set by governments and international health authorities. All products are manufactured in high-level cleaning rooms that are strictly controlled in accordance with ISO and CE requirements. Now 120000m² cleaning room has been put into use. Total workers are 200, including 30 administrative staff in workshops. It is expected to achieve annual sales of 50 million RMB. When all the planned buildings are completed, there will be 600 people and annual sales can reach 250 million yuan. All of our company's staff have over 5 years of experience exporting disposable non-woven products, enabling us to provide the best service and supply the most satisfactory solutions to meet our customers' needs. At present, overseas sales take apart over 95%. The establishment of our quality system is based on the requirements of ISO13485 & FDAQMSR (Quality Management System Regulation) rules and the on-site guiding principles of China's sterile medical device manufacturers.

Everyone has a right to be treated with respect and care, especially those who need it, so we invest in every thought, research and development and production. Heathy life, guaranteed by us.


Quality Management System

The corresponding quality control procedures have been established according to the requirements of ISO13485 and the on-site guiding principles of China's sterile medical device manufacturers. The product quality are inspected and controlled according to EN13795;


Quality Policy

Use the quality to occupy the market, use the design to ensure the process, and use continuous improvement to meet customer needs;

Microbiological Lab

Positive control room, Microbes detection room,sterile room. Contamination bacteria, microorganism and positive control were detected to ensure the production environment of the product;


Physical Lab

Martindale non-woven flat mill, Electronic peel strength tester, Servo controlled hydrostatic testing machine, Non-woven bursting strength tester, Tensile strength universal testing machine, to control physical property of the fabric.


Henan Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
Room 610, SOHO, Building B, Xiangsheng Street, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou city, Henan Province

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