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Nursing collaboration in artificial unicondylar knee arthroplasty (UKA)

The knee joint is a large weight-bearing joint in the human body and is used frequently, so it is easy to be worn out and damaged.

If the patient's condition is mild, medication and physical therapy can be used, but if the patient's condition is severe and the joint is deformed, which seriously affects daily life and work, unicondylar replacement can be chosen. This surgical method is less damaging and can preserve the ligaments, which has less impact on the patient.
The advantage of unicondylar replacement over total knee replacement is that unicondylar replacement allows for a smaller incision, which is minimally invasive. The patient has less damage and a quicker postoperative recovery because it is a single compartment replacement.
01. Knowledge
The knee joint consists of 3 bones, the femur, tibia, and patella. The knee joint is divided into the medial and lateral compartments, which are mainly composed of the femur and tibia.
Anaesthesia and Position   
Mode of anaesthesia:
Combined lumbar + epidural/general anaesthesia
Surgical position:
Supine position, with the affected limb in hip flexion of 70°-90°, and the affected knee in flexion of about 120° placed in a bedside fixation bracket so that the lower leg can move freely in flexion of greater than 90°. The healthy limb can be placed flat on the bed board or on a leg rest.

02、Preparation of supplies
Preparation of supplies
Instruments: bone base bag, large basin, dish bag, dry tank, exotic instruments
Dressings: gowns, dressing packs, sheet packs
Disposable supplies:
Disposable arthroscope bag, large gauze, small gauze, 10
*28 angled and circular needles, absorbable suture needles (1-0, 2-0), #20 + #11 blades, #1 + #4 sutures, sterile gloves, suction tubes, suction tips, drainage bulbs, three surgical patches, two 50 ml syringes, three 10 ml syringes, disposable electrosurgical pens, large disposable cotton pads, disposable skin sutures, elastic bandages, bandages.

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