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Interpretation of aseptic parcel labelling in one article

Labelling of sterile packages

In clinical work, we are in daily contact with a variety of sterile auxiliary material packages and instrument packages provided by the sterile supply centre, these sterile packages are affixed with black strips of tape and labels on the outside of the packages, and inside the packages there are a variety of indicator cards, collectively known as "chemical indicators".
Firstly, let's take a look at the outer label, which includes the name of the package, the date of sterilisation, the expiry date, the person who dispensed the package, and the person who reviewed the package. This is the first step we need to check before using sterile items.

Indicator card
Next, let's take a look at the chemical indicators, which can be divided into two categories according to their location inside and outside the package: out-of-package indicators and in-package indicators.
Outside the package indicator - refers to the sterilisation of parcels packaged in the paste on the surface of the package, is essentially a sign of the sterilisation process, before the sterilisation of the light yellow sterilisation is successful after the black, it only indicates that the paste the sign of the parcel has been sterilised, and can not indicate that the parcel of the success of the sterilisation or not. And the important indication of successful sterilisation is what we are going to look at next.
In-package indicator - is a chemical indicator placed inside the sterilised parcel, generally placed in the most difficult to sterilise area, which can indicate whether the sterilised parcel has been successfully sterilised or not. In-Package Indicators are divided into Low Temperature Indicator Cards and High Temperature Indicator Cards.
Low Temperature Indicator Card - is used to detect the success of low temperature sterilisation, it is red before sterilisation and yellow after successful sterilisation. The ones inside the electric hooks and hook wires are low-temperature indicator cards.
High Temperature Indicator Card - one kind is placed in the instrument, 3m crawling code, white before sterilisation, black after sterilisation.

Various instruments
The other is a paper code placed in the dressing, light yellow before sterilisation and black after successful sterilisation.

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